Dual Reality

by Awake The Agony

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Emerson D'key Brown
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Emerson D'key Brown Incredibly tight and fast breakdowns, decently technical guitar and drum parts and a constant barrage of aggression. The two parts that stick out the most are at the end of "Quasas" and the middle breakdown of "Dual Reality" which comes in rather suddenly and throws you off the first time you listen to the song, and yet it somehow just adds to the chaos and aggression.

Fantastic EP and i look forward to seeing an album or even just another single from these guys, Fantastic work. Favorite track: Dual reality.
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released December 1, 2011



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Awake The Agony Trieste, Italy

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Track Name: Hall of the two truths
I will take you
Step by step

The only hope you have is me
As I'm leading you through this dark journey
As I'm showing you the road

Scraping your bare feet on the cold rock trying to continue
And you will trap my soul
It will never run away

The end is near
The end is near
I will never run away

Time goes by resigned to end to singularity
The light you're showing is nothing but deception

Scraping your bare feet on the cold rocks trying to continue
And I will trap your soul

This is your final sentence
Hall of the two truths
This heart is of a sinner
Hall of the two truths
Track Name: Horizon of events
Pass that border
Another step and there won't be tomorrow
You feel your soul taken from your body

It comes back, it falls in the abyss
It comes back for your salvation

I whisper in your ear
That's not the moment to say goodbye


Nobody will know your destiny

Reaching the destination
Your journey is finished

Track Name: Chained hands
The bare cell
White stuffed walls around him

Fragile larvas minds corroded by worms holes
They feed of sick brains
Alone beings dragging him in a fucking damned life
While snakes of morphine crawl through the might corridors
Death ghosts in white uniform.

Laboratories of carnage

Souls as trophies hanging on the walls
This is a sacrifice
For the noble science
Track Name: Dual reality
Two eyes, two visions
Look around: you are not where you think
In a moment your world is different
All that you see is true
It is not the same anymore

Two eyes, two visions
Look around: you are not where you think

This is a dual reality
You feel burning yourself inside
Your head exploding
Your life falls down
There are no more hopes
And in the end
See blood in my eyes